betterman Elite
wrestling club

taking wrestlers to the next level

Betterman Elite Wrestling Club (BeElite) was founded by Joe and Deanna Betterman in 2013. Joe and Deanna wanted to share their knowledge and love of wrestling with today’s youth wrestlers.  The Betterman’s provide multiple opportunities for their wrestlers to train with world class athletes. They feel that it nurtures inspiration and allows the young athletes to dream bigger than ever.  They are influencing wrestlers  by enriching their lives by instilling a strong work ethic, inspiring perseverance, determination, and respect. 

​BeElite has three different locations in southern Colorado.  This allows wrestlers of all abilities access to elite level training in southeast Colorado Springs, Florence, and Trinidad. Joe’s philosophy is about quality not quantity. By limiting the number of wrestlers in each practice, they are able to provide a more one on one approach. Thus allowing the wrestler to get more opportunities to learn. They compete in local and national tournaments year round.

Sessions are ran out of their house in Colorado Springs. Wall to Wall Mats completes this home wrestling gym. They use the Ivan Ivanov Suples Training Systems to provide optimal conditioning of their athletes as well as utilizing non-traditional methods of strength training. They also have various pieces of cardio equipment.

Betterman Elite Wrestling Club